CONCRETE FLOORS - Washed Gravel Finishing

Flooring so called “washed gravel” is the best option in terms of durability, costs and performances. They overcome typical problems of traditional “seeded gravel” flooring, where continuous maintenance is needed to eliminate weeds or rearrange and recoat pebbles that tend to easily break down, creating annoying footsteps or depressions caused by pedestrian’s passage or cars traffic.

Washed gravel is obtained by mixing cement, fine marble granite, river stones or natural stone and a special fiber-reinforced colored and additive mixture.

Used as outdoor flooring in squares, walkways, sidewalks, avenues in parks and gardens, monumental areas, terraces, outdoor pools, etc. combines practicality, safety, weather resistance and non-slip properties, to gravel simplicity, natural aspect and practicality of the concrete, with possibility to realize the most varied configurations, typologies and combinations of colors and customizations.


Some examples of concrete flooring with Washed Gravel finishing.