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Based on our many years of experience in the flooring industry, we have selected best professional floor cleaning products and we created PrimaFloor Cleaner line, specific products for industrial cleaning and maintenance of floors, specially formulated to remove tough dirt it settles on surfaces in general, exercising their action quickly and energetically.


PrimaFloor Cleaner Plus

Detergent for extraordinary cleaning
detergenti industriali per la pulizia

PrimaFloor Cleaner Plus is particularly suitable for the extraordinary cleaning treatment of resin surfaces in domestic, public and industrial, also subject to heavy traffic.

The product is recommended for both manual and floor-washer cleaning machines.

Available in 5 lt cans.


  • Non-ionic surfactants biodegradable over 90%.
  • Sequestering agents.
  • Alcohols.

PrimaFloor Cleaner Daily

Detergent for ordinary cleaning
detergenti professionali per pavimenti

PrimaFloor Daily Cleaner is a detergent, degreaser, specially formulated to thoroughly clean with safety, promptly and economically dirty tenacious as grease, soot and heavy sludge from washable surfaces and floors.

The product is recommended for both manual and floor-washer cleaning machines, for cleaning floors of all kinds of production departments. Quickly and easily removes the strips left by the forklift tires.

Available in 5 lt and 30 lt cans.


  • Buffered alkalis.
  • Extracts of natural origin.
  • Alcohols.