In production plants, depending on the company’s business, we provide resin solutions to ensure high resistance to the particular stresses of every single sector, however easy to clean and maintain.


Prima Applicatore Fiduciario 2021
Prima Applicatore Fiduciario MAPEI
Rinol Allrounder EP Antislip
Rinol Conductive
Rinol Massetto
Rinol Standard Eco 2 mm
Rinolcrete Standard

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Other solutions

Increase resistance!

MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM 32 is a multilayer epoxy system with which it is possible to obtain industrial floor with high chemical resistance, waterproof to aggressive oils and agents, resistant to frequent washing, to wear caused by mechanical means with a marked anti-slip effect.


Floors done by MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM 32 also have a good aesthetic appearance.

Designed for industrial floors with medium and heavy traffic, such as logistics and warehouses, production areas, storage areas, covered garages and car parks, intensive traffic areas of forklifts and A.G.V., laboratories and supermarkets.