Resin coatings designed to provide excellent performance in terms of stress resistance (such as vehicles heavy traffic or impacts) or able to resist presence of aggressive substances (acids, solvents, salts, etc.), or suitable to give special features to surfaces as flatness and continuity. We also propose Smart Joint, an exclusive solution for treating damaged floor joints.


Prima Applicatore Fiduciario 2021
Prima Applicatore Fiduciario MAPEI
Rinol CM-L300
Rinol Conductive
Rinol Massetto
Rinol Standard Eco 2 mm

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Other solutions

Warehouse: 3 mistakes not to be committed

# 1 Planarity – Sometimes it is not so important to have a perfectly smooth surface, but the opposite is true: it prevents the wear of the wheels of the means of handling goods, prevents the onset of related occupational diseases, with a considerable saving of costs.


# 2 Signage– A correct delimitation of the different production areas, storage areas, pedestrian and transit areas, optimizes production flow. Resin is a more durable material over time than other traditional materials, really suitable for horizontal and vertical signage, fully customizable.

# 3 Polishing – Why take a transparent protective treatment? As time goes by, the concrete floor undergoes surface degradation and leads to dust formation. To solve the porosity surface problem , we recommend our exclusive solution: Prima Polishing Fast System, the quick polishing system that transforms your flooring into a durable, reflective and easy to clean surface.