We developed an internal structure able to supply, in complete autonomy, both from an executive and organizational point of view, through their own, highly qualified personnel. Furthermore, we selected high tech and qualitative flooring to prevent the occurrence of deterioration problems, postponing maintenance work need and reducing its frequency. All in compliance with current regulations.

Rely on PRIMA PAVIMENTI, the sector professionals

Certified solutions, quality and respect of project times
to satisfy every customer need.

Other solutions

Choosing the right partner

In the context of the realization of a major project in which usually are coordinated and work different companies, each for its specific skills, choosing the right partner can make all the difference.


Prima has a team of professionals grown within the company, real assets over competitors: we do not need to outsource. We have equipped our construction sites with always efficient equipment. With these assumptions we always guarantee the highest quality of the works and the certainty of the execution times.