These specific resin coatings are designed to overcome problems that create roughness, porosity and concavity on surfaces, factors that pose a risk to cleanliness and hygiene. For their continuity they are used as floor covering in sterile environments, ensuring decontamination, an easy cleaning and maintenance. Sound-absorbing coatings can also be made to reduce tread noise.


Prima Applicatore Fiduciario 2021
Prima Applicatore Fiduciario MAPEI
Rinol Sealing Antislip
Rinol Comfort
Rinol Comfort (assorbimento suono)
Rinolcrete Conductive
Rinolcrete Standard Eco

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Comfort and silence

The new MAPEFLOOR COMFORT SYSTEM resin flooring system is dedicated to those who want to create comfortable and low-noise environments.


Its excellent sound-absorbing properties make it ideal for nursing homes, medical centers, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and all areas where high walking comfort and noise reduction are required.

Available in a wide range of colors, easy to clean and fast to install, MAPEFLOOR COMFORT SYSTEM can be applied both as a flooring within existing buildings and new constructions.